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Manopause and Bromances

cassandra - November 29, 2011Comments (0)

bromance beach 150x150 Manopause and Bromances

Lets hear it for Bromance!

Why not add metrosexual to the mix as well? I have met plenty of them in the previous few years. These are the guys that are taking pride in their appearance they are manscaping, they are looking after their bodies as well as their minds and they are expressing their feelings.

We are hearing these expressions more and more and they are frequently popping up in movies. For example the most famous ‘Bromance’ movie at the moment is The Hang Over II where the wolf-pack is re-united and male bonding takes on a entire new meaning. Watch the movie to see what I mean. These are all relatively new terms and many clients have asked me what some of them mean so here is a quick run down.

There have been many Bromances throughout time. The first I can recall was that of Joey and Chandler from Friends, then the real life Bromance of Ben Afflek and Matt Damon and even those crazy ficticious characters  Sponge Bob Squarepants and whats his name.

guidos bros douchebags fratboys true bromance 150x150 Manopause and Bromances

Interesting Interpretation of a Bromance

I’m sure you can think of many more examples, even those male friends of yours that are very close…  not that close as then that would be called ‘Bromance with Benefits’. In the 1990s, Big BrotherMagazine editor David Ross Carnie came up with the portmanteau “bromance.” Finally, men had a word for an intimate, non-sexual relationship with persons of the same sex and that is exactly what a bromance is.  Although it does go back even further than the 90′s in fact to the depths of history and then through the biblical era etc etc but that’s the past of bromance and we want the future of broamance. So our theory is that it has and is becoming more popular as men are expressing their feelings, and it is ok to have  manfriends and mandates,  in fact it is very therapeutic and may benefit those suffering from the dreaded ‘Manopause’ epidemic. So although some bromance can be a little frustrating they are a very good thing as well.

bromance frustration1 150x150 Manopause and Bromances

too much bromance??

Aha Manopause. This may be something you have stumbled across and maybe not yet but be aware you will know when it occurs. Manopause is – The male equivalent of female menopause – experienced in a man’s mid to late 40′s. Also commonly referred to as “mid-life crisis”. Partners and kids can pick a mile away and will make comments like.

“My father hit manopause when he started to dye his hair black and wear tight white jeans.” or  ”Mom, Dad just yelled at me for taking out the garbage. He said I was doing it wrong and got irrationally angry,” said the teenaged daughter. “Yeah, he’s in Manopause. Nothing he does makes sense anymore,” said the mom. So there you go now you can be on the look out for manopause.
I also strongly believe in man-flu or the man-cold and I know many of you have experienced those dreadful bouts of man flu where they are completely immobilised on the couch with a little bell or were positive that they only had hours to live and should be rushed to the ER immediately and hooked up to a drip. Check out this clip for the seriousness of the ‘man-cold’
In today’s society there is pretty much a name for everything that a woman has that relates to a man so go with it, most are highly amusing and very interesting. What other man related phrases have you heard?

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