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We offer sex coaching and counselling

A person, who is in touch with their sensuality and sexuality, feels confident, attractive, empowered, strong and self sufficient.

Our sex coaching and counselling will guide you to reclaim your sexuality, giving you the ability to express yourself and uncover any obstacles that are preventing you from experiencing the pleasure you desire.
All sessions are with a trained Master Practitioner in NLP specialising in Sensuality and Sexuality.

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During your adult sex coaching sessions you will:

  • Gain the tools to reclaim your sensuality and sexuality
  • Identify obstacles that may be suppressing your sexual evolution
  • Learn how to pleasure yourself, first
  • Find out what arouses you
  • Focus on your own pleasure
  • Learn new techniques that will help you and your partner achieve heightened orgasms and intimacy
  • Learn to enjoy a healthy sex life
  • Receive Relationship Coaching
  • and much more

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Learn About Yourself with Adult Sex Counselling

All adult sex coaching sessions will last for 1 hour – usually a little longer. As information is of an extremely personal nature, know that you are in a safe environment and everything is highly confidential.

If it is your first session, we will include a bonus 2nd hour for free* to ensure we can maximise the benefit you receive in your initial consultation.

Your sexuality and relationship will reap immediate rewards after only one session!
Subsequent 1 hour sessions are $169 per hour.
For the ultimate coaching package, choose our 6 pack!
Fantastic value with a 34% saving on your sessions.
This will allow us to deeply explore the situations you would like to change on a lasting level.

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Read what some of our Satisfied Clients Say About Our Relationship Coaching.

‘I knew that I needed to know more information as the sensuality and sexuality parts of me, I had progressively shut down throughout my life. I won’t go in to the story, but suffice to say I didn’t want any guy ever touching me – not even a cuddle

I was scared of a variety of things and throughout my coaching sessions with Cassandra she created a safe and supportive environment for me to talk and learn. Throughout our sessions, I have learnt to embrace these aspects of myself and now truly love being a woman and for me that is the biggest gift.

Thank you Cassandra for your love and support – I would recommend your coaching to anyone wanting to embrace their true essence of being a woman.’ Jane

For a long time I have been unable to reach an “orgasm”, or at least my expectation of what an orgasm should be. After coaching with Cassandra, I realised that my problem was not with my partner so much, but more with my own self talk in my head. The coaching has been amazing and so are the orgasms, thanks Cassandra!’ Sarah.

For great sex coaching Australia wide, the team of Practitioners from Cassandras Collection are ready for your call. We can answer all your questions and provide ground breaking information on how to have better sex!