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About Us

Welcome to the Ultimate Sensuous Collection

Cassandras Collection Pty Ltd is an EXCITING and groundbreaking Company.

Our goal is to support and contribute to creating a safer and more exciting open minded world of fun and sexual expression by providing a range of elegant adult products and the education to support these products.

Cassandras Collection IS the ultimate Sensuous Collection and is a collection of collections that has been developed to bring even more sophisticated sexiness into your life. The collections are for those wishing to energize and rejuvenate their relationships and their sensuality and sexuality. It is time to demystify sex. Sex and sexuality should be embraced; explored and cherished, let us guide you in that direction.

This site will provide you with sensual products that you can peruse gather valuable information and then purchase from the comfort of your own home. The products that you will discover have been thoroughly sourced and researched. They are the best of the best and 100% safe for the body and the soul. All you need to do is click and discover.

Stylish, sensuous, sophisticated, sexy and safe products. Not only do we present these products to you we also provide the education on getting the most out of your products and the support to be able to answer any of your queries on a wide range of topics.

Why? Because you deserve the best of the best and if you are happy and confident and are embracing yourself first then you will have an abundance of YOU to overflow into the lives of those most important to you.

What? What you will quickly discover is that CC’s mission is to empower you to embrace yourself first.

What you will learn is how to improve your Love Relationships

Who? Founder of the company is Cassandra Daniells,  who is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to relationship, sensuality and sexuality advice.

Cropped for about us sandi 224x300 About Us Cassandra – A Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP), Performance Consultant, Master Results Coach, Sexuality and Sensuality Coach and Educator.
Cassandra is passionate about Passion. Igniting passion in one area of your life will spark the flame in all other areas.

 Cassandra has three children and an extremely busy lifestyle. Negative events in the past led Cassandra to this passion of helping women to embrace themselves first, to build self esteem through their sexuality and sensuality whilst setting boundaries in their lives and leading empowered relationships instead of dis-empowering ones.

  Through both Cassandras Formal and Informal education along with life experiences both negative and positive this has equipped her with the skills and tools to pass onto her CC family.

So again welcome to and Cassandras Collection,  where a fabulous environment has been created, where you will be comfortable purchasing products from the sanctuary of your ‘Palace’.  You will feel enlightened and will always find valuable information.

Join us here at Cassandras Collection  and sign up for your stimulating newsletter Whats The Buzz. We invite you to sit back,
relax grab a hot chocy or a glass of bubbles and browse through the information and products that we are excited to present to you.

  Yours Sensuously

  The Cassandras Collection Team